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HRE - Landsknecht Spearmen and Halberdiers x10 - Reptilian Overlords (Custom Order)

HRE - Landsknecht Spearmen and Halberdiers x10 - Reptilian Overlords (Custom Order)

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Landsknechts of the Holy Reptilian Empire are a multi part kit designed to fit 25mm bases and are compatible with other 28mm heroic miniatures. This kit comes with a huge selection of heads, torsos, and legs with stylized clothing and headgear typical of 16th century landsknecht soldiers. The standard bearer carries an ornate war banner that can be printed with or without the long ribbons or just a simple pole so that your own paper banners can be attached

This kit contains the components to make 10 complete Landsknecht Spearmen or Halberdiers.

Designed for use in modern Fantasy wargames.
Scaled to 28mm-32mm.

Printed in high quality on a minimum of 8K SLA printers.

Model design by Reptilian Overlords. Beowulf Miniature Printing are approved merchants for this designer and fully licenced to manufacture and sell prints.

All items are printed and posted within 10 working days of order. UK orders are posted 1st Class Signed For. International orders are posted International Tracked.
This time can vary depending on the number of orders at any given time.

Please contact us for bespoke printing options and quotations.

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