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Fantasy - Ghoulrich and Wurstshire - Reptilian Overlords (Custom Order)

Fantasy - Ghoulrich and Wurstshire - Reptilian Overlords (Custom Order)

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The Law Offices of Ghoulrich & Wurstshire are the most feared law firm in the empire. With a ruthless cunning and bloodthirsty viciousness they prosecute their holy war against the unbeliever, the unholy, and the infringer. Judgement is swift, and the penalty is always death. They are often accompanied by a cadre of servants, priests, and zealots who aid them in the hunting of witches, and demon worshipers. Master Ghoulrich comes with many options including including a sword, stake, 2 axes, and parchment. Hand weapons from the Mercs & Militia kit are also compatible. Master Wurstshire comes with a giant 2 handed axe.

This kit contains the components to make both the Ghoulrich and Wurstshire Miniatures

Designed for use in modern Fantasy wargames.
Scaled to 28mm-32mm.

Printed in high quality on a minimum of 8K SLA printers.

Model design by Reptilian Overlords. Beowulf Miniature Printing are approved merchants for this designer and fully licenced to manufacture and sell prints.

All items are printed and posted within 10 working days of order. UK orders are posted 1st Class Signed For. International orders are posted International Tracked.
This time can vary depending on the number of orders at any given time.

Please contact us for bespoke printing options and quotations.

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